Jesse Luke Photography you have out done yourselves! Thank you so so much for photographing our wedding, everything was done with excellence from start to finish. From our first meeting we were so comfortable and excited to  work with you, and could clearly see your passion for what you do. 

Thank you for making the process to easy and seamless! You communicated beautifully with us throughout the process and were so organised and one step ahead of us, thank you! The day was so busy and fun and the photos you captured were so beautiful and really demonstrated your talent and eye for detail. We have already had so many people comment on how incredible our photos are. We couldn't recommend you highly enough!



Thank you so much Jesse Luke Photography for photographing our wedding. The whole experience was incredible, from booking with you to receiving the photos. We loved how closely we worked together before the wedding, sharing ideas and getting excited! Communication was so easy, thank you! And most importantly, thank you for the photos. They surpassed our expectations (and our expectations were high!).
You captured our wedding and made us feel so relaxed and calm. We felt as if it was just the two of us in the moment. During the ceremony and reception you were unobtrusive, yet managed to capture the best and most precious moments! Over a year later we still have people asking for your details. 
Thanks so much...



As a creative agency, we often receive projects to create marketing campaigns for DA approved developments. This means, sales agents need to sell units worth $500,000 onwards, before construction even commences. A big factor of this, is to sell the location & lifestyle of the project.

This is where Jesse receives his brief, and delivers well beyond expectations. A good photographer is able to capture great imagery, however a great photographer is able to make the imagery look ‘dreamy’, and reach well beyond the eyes.

 Since working with Jesse on the first few campaigns, I have since allowed him his own freedom in capturing the imagery that he feels resembles the culture and vibe of surrounding suburbs. Again, Jesse goes well beyond expectations. In one of our recent campaigns, a lively point of interest, which happened to be quiet on that day meant that we faced an obstacle. Jesse was prepared to drive an hour the next day, to capture the point of interest during peak hour.

 In the past, I have worked with photographers who found their path through having a paid job, where as Jesse has found his path through passion. The best news that Jesse has received from me, was that he had full creative freedom on a recent campaign. These are signs of confidence, passion, talent and creativity to burn.

 I’m looking forward to the next one.



Hey Jesse, just wanted to thank you again for the amazing press shots you took last month. I have had nothing but praise from my management, my record label as well as graphic designers who have to deal with press photos on a daily basis. I have worked with numerous photographers, but can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable shooting with you and you can definitely see that in the photos you took. I will definitely be in touch in the coming year to shoot some new press photos for my upcoming single and I am sure you will hear from a stack of DJ's and musicians who I have recommended to you.

Thanks again! I absolutely love the photos!




When thinking about what we wanted from our wedding photography it was all about capturing the "moment". If anyone has ever been able to capture such a thing it is you Jesse. Each photo not only tells a story, but also captures the true emotion of each little part of our wedding day. While people look back at pictures and remember their special day, we will look back and feel the happiness, nervousness or silliness as though truly being there. 

You demonstrate a deep understanding of people and manage to capture the truth through your lens. Never was the presence of the camera intrusive or uncomfortable, you made us feel relaxed and ourselves throughout the whole experience. The photos are beautiful and artistic with each individual image telling its own novel length story. You have a truly unique gift that we will continue to call on when wishing to capture special moments in our lives...