Tristan + Rachelle

26TH November, 2016


What began as an engagement party turned out to be the perfect surprise wedding reception for Tristan and Rachelle’s secret marriage…

Upon arriving at Tristan the groom’s simple yet beautiful childhood home it didn’t take us long to realise the peacefulness and calmness the home generated was a reflection to the relaxed attitude the family held. The father of the Groom enjoyed a warm tea reading the Saturday paper even though the groom’s WoodyRoo Australia suit hung silently on the door and the groom was nowhere to be found! 40 minutes later Tristan arrived home, relaxed and calm as he smiled with his bloodshot eyes stung from the salty ocean water he was surfing in - “Sorry I’m late, the swell was up”.

In arriving at the brides home the girls were bursting with an emotional anticipation as Rachelle and her bridesmaids laughed and cried in sharing stories of how the couple met. After a 5-minute walk with the incredible Sydney harbour within our sights, we reached the ceremony location. The camera’s didn’t have to look far to capture the moments of the day, the bride in a sequenced vintage gown, arm in arm with her father walking down a sandstone path, the I DO’s exchanged and the handwritten vows of the couple spoken consisting of jokes and laughs and the burst of a champagne bottle to celebrate the couple’s new life together. It was a level of relaxation and happiness that can only be attributed to the love and wholeness between Tristan and Rachelle.

After capturing moments of the happy couple talking and walking through Mckell Park we entered a reception room with guests who had no knowledge of the couple’s wedding – merely thinking they were attending an engagement party. The reception glowed with a euphoric energy that can only be described as pure happiness. From the love held by family and friends towards the couple to the first dance between Tristan and Rachelle in which Tristan attempted to put the skills he learned from his sister’s ballroom dancing lessons to the test – he instead decided to High Kick and perform Roly Polys’,  officially making the most memorable first dance we have ever seen - and he truly does high kick like a champ.

The wedding of Tristan and Rachelle was a day that will forever remain timeless – the moments captured are nothing but a reflection of the love the couple share and the happiness they generate to all those around them. They truly complete each other and through their creativity and joy will continue to be the burst of colour that we witnessed on that day.