Josh + Jess

9TH JULY 2016

Jess + Josh contacted us shortly after they were engaged last year. We photographed Jess’ sister’s wedding 1 year prior so we were super excited to see the family and guests again. I think that helped a great deal on the day, having met a lot of the guests. Not only had we met them all before, we caught up for coffee and lunch a few times too, just to settle any nerves that may naturally come up during the big day.

Up bright and early on a Sunday morning the emotion at the bride’s house had reached it’s peak as the bride and bridesmaids were bursting with excitement and anticipation. The wedding of Jess and Josh was well underway as the mother of the bride stood proudly beaming with love at the sight of her daughter in a white lace wedding dress. The natural light rays gleamed through the room reflecting the energy Jess radiated in readiness to begin her life with Josh.

Arriving at the ceremony, there was no need for the couple to be allocated in positions to capture an ideal moment, for greatest moments captured were an insight into the glimpses of the day where time for Josh and Jess had merely stopped – when the ‘I DO’s’ were spoken and the euphoria that was experienced when the couple were pronounced husband and wife for the first time.

The day continued without a flaw, the happiness and pure love captured is not only a reflection of the joy and happiness shared by the couple and their family and friends but it is also a tribute to the connection Josh and Jess share, their ability to complete each other as a whole and create a unquestionable sense of hope.