Joel + Laura

17TH JULY, 2015

Jeana's Country Spa buzzed with excitement as we approached. The ladies faces glowed with excitement and anticipation as their hair was pulled into its final position. A soft hum of chatter on the day’s events escaped between sips of tea.

Joel paced his homes hallways, in search of something to bind his time. The boys energy radiated through the house evident of their love for Laura and the commitment that was soon to happen. Their kindness was comforting and we got to work capturing the moments which filled the morning; a fathers warm smile at first sight of his daughter on her wedding day, the gentle embrace of sisters and the strong man hug as a tear escaped from the groom.

Holding hands Joel and Laura spoke ‘I Do’ eagerly ready to approach married life together. Arriving at Springfield house we greeted the beautiful surroundings and the couple’s effortless harmony with it. Their love spoke and after a few laughs with the bridal party it was time to enter the beautiful reception. The guests partied, shared stories and lined up to bid their farewell to the newlyweds.

 "The day was so busy and fun and the photos you captured were so beautiful and really demonstrated your talent and eye for detail. We have already had so many people comment on how incredible our photos are!"