Charlie + Megan

19th March 2016


In the backyard of a local Kenthurst home at the height of autumn, the wedding of Megan and Charlie was overflowing with excitement. Surrounded by the beauty of the Australian landscape, there was a keenness that echoed through the trees as the guests settled and the bride began to walk down the freshly moved lawn path paved for her.

The words I DO were exchanged and on that warm autumns day the trees cheered in the wind and the roses bloomed in celebration of the love between Megan and Charlie. The happiness between the couple was undeniable; it was in our ability to capture this moment in time in which the smiles and laughs between Megan and Charlie will act as a reflection into their long and fulfilling lives together.

With bunting flags hanging from the trees and baby’s breath resting in glass mason jars, the guests gathered around to drink a glass of champagne in celebration of the love between Megan and Charlie which not only united the couple together as one, but in this love, also brought together their friends and family.

It was truly a wedding to remember, a moment of falling autumn leaves and the blooming of the new beginning between Megan and Charlie.