Brendan + Grace

14th April 2016

Set beside the oceans of Fiji was a celebration of the love between Brendan and Grace. It was a day encased in a globe of purity and love that will remain forever timeless to each guest as well as the bride and groom.

Nothing was more certain that day than the love Grace and Brendan shared; they were truly the happiest people alive. This euphoric feeling was enriched by the peace and confidence they held towards one another – as if their lives were made to balance together in perfect harmony.

The guests were blessed with the gift of witnessing a celebration of the power of love within the oasis of Fiji – amongst the crystal blue ocean and palm trees calmly resting, everyone, including myself gazed in awe as Grace floated gently towards land on a man made raft.

As the couple stood under a wild arch of blooming roses it became impossible to not become bewildered and drawn to the beauty and love of the ceremony. I became so lost in the moment that at times, I forgot to capture it with my camera.

It was a wedding filled with the flames of fire dancers and the tradition of the Fijian culture – but above all, it was a moment so perfect in time that one could get lost in it without even realising …