Al + Kath

11th DECEMBER 2015

We made the short wind up to the welcoming gates of the Manly Q Station and then down to a row of cottages that lined the hill greeting us in the morning sun. We opened the door to a bustle of ladies readying themselves for the day that awaited. Similarly the Al and his groomsmen awaited in their cottage, staring out the large open windows, looking out to the sea, steadying their nerves. The hair and makeup team worked effortlessly on the beautiful ladies inside the walls of the beautiful old cottage and soon enough it was time for Kath to be dressed and head to the ferry where it would wait to escort her and her bridesmaids to the seaside wharf.

The bridal arbour sat atop the Manly wharf blowing gently in the wind awaiting its bride to meet her groom. Kath and Al were finally together against the seascape backdrop and spoke their ‘I DOs’ in front of the guests gathering beneath the summer sun. A quick ride took us and the bridal party to Q Stations best views where they laughed over a cold beer, glasses of champagne and the afternoon’s events. We shot into the setting sun, capturing Kath and Al’s effortless love before returning to join the guests in a beautiful barn overlooking Manly’s best. The speeches were spoken, wine drunk and food eaten whilst the celebration was continued for the newlyweds and danced away into the night.